XTL360 Discovery Online Curriculum

Nurture Your Inner Genius

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    Copyright and Ownership

    • Copy of Ownership Notice

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    XTL360 Discovery Online Experience

    • A Message From Your Facilitator

    • Student Leader Pre-Training Survey


    • Ground Rules

    • Friday Night Enrichment

    • Saturday Night Enrichment

    • Smart Goal Setting Worksheet

    • Discovery Online Post-Training Survey

    • What's Next?

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    Additional Resources

    • The Forgiveness Process

    • Handling a Broken Agreement

    • The 5 F.E.A.R.S.

    • Steps To A Clearing

What Others Say About It


Student Leader

by Naomi

While in XTL I have achieved making all-district band. I've learned to "be my word"/not give up to comfort. This journey means that I can achieve anything I plan & receive support with. You'll learn a lot about yourself and others, so join!

Student Leader


So far this training has brought a lot more variety in my life and helped me work through a ton of problems I face like self-esteem issues. This training has taught me that everyone matters and has a voice and has opened my eyes. Sign up!